A trademark is like a pointer. This is one of the many things that I learned from my friend Peter Hodgson @phodgson. When you identify a trademark, your brain switch automatically into concrete concepts that identify you in your markets: quality, feasibility and other many labels that join your products or services.

A trademark makes us to save many time (and money) explaining our activities to our costumers. In few seconds it saves a lot of introductory minutes.

Despite of trademarks are a very powerful sales and marketing tools, many companies do not protect it adequately and forget to register them. After big marketing investments, many companies realize that they cannot operate in their markets. There are lots of relevant cases involving global companies, but also many SMEs refuse to invest small amounts and loose a big income due to this circumstance.

I do not offer directly intellectual property services, but I help many companies to thrive their business projects abroad and sometimes I notice that a good product, a competitive price and a top class services makes your company to be riding on the top of the wave, but with a nice and well protected trademark can be the unbeatable.

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