• Ready to sell in new markets? / Prêt à vendre sur de nouveaux marchés? / Bereit, auf neuen Märkten zu verkaufen? / Pronto para vender em novos mercados?

  • International business development / Développement de marchés internationaux / Internationale Marktentwicklung / O desenvolvimento de mercados internacionais

  • Business landing services / Services d’internationalisation des entreprises / Dienste zur erschließung neuer Märkte / Landing services

  • Business networks / Réseaux d’affaires / Unternehmensnetzwerke / Redes empresariais


Smart Habitat

Smart Habitat

Solutions for a more efficient society..

We provide government departments, businesses and organisations with a wide range of products and services aimed at supplying efficient, sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by development in urban and rural settings.


The Blue Economy

Economía Azul

Developing a strategic sector.

Our services and products are geared towards promoting development in businesses and government departments connected with the marine maritime sector.



Empresa Global

Tackling the new challenges facing businesses

We offer on a wide range of products and services that enable businesses to tackle new challenges competitively, particularly in the areas of sales and marketing, new technology, internationalisation, etc.


Social Business

Empresa Social

Business projects for social development

We place our knowledge and experience at the service of business projects aimed at improving the social development of communities and environments in need of change.



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At BIZNAGA INTERNATIONAL SERVICES we provide advanced services and technology for companies planning to break into international markets. We are based in the Andalucía Technology Park, a business excellence technology park, and our projects are mainly aimed at connecting the emerging Mediterranean innovation market with leading players in the European business and technology field.

Key Factors

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    1 We work in a number of areas providing knowledge, innovation and technology. Our activities are organised into the areas of: • ‘Smart habitat’, for urban challenges • ‘Blue growth’, addressing the development of the marine and maritime economy • ‘Global company’, offering a new perspective on company commercial development • ‘Social company’, promoting the development of advanced business projects related to social change
  • FeaturesOpen or Close
    2 The main features of our services are: • The use of new technology • Mobility and teleworking • Internationalisation • Involvement in innovative projects • …
  • Social responsibilityOpen or Close
    3We are socially committed and earmark part of our resources for developing social projects and fighting poverty in the countries where we work, particularly in Morocco and Spain.


Member of:

Cluster Marítimo Marino de Andalucía